Ultravalve are a part of the internationally recognised Bonomi Group, specialising in the production of valves and actuators. The group comprises three separate companies: Rubinetterie Bresciane, Valbia and Valpres, which whilst operating in distinct marketplaces, frequently interact and pool their expertise to produce innovative customer solutions.

The UK division of the Bonomi Group has experienced rapid growth in recent years, most evident in group company Valpres’s expansion into new markets. Valpres has been at the forefront of ball valve production for several decades, and during this time has evolved to meet the growing demands of its diverse customer base. Through the formation of new division, Valpres is now making giant strides into the field of oil and gas.

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Product Range / Solutions

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Ultravalve Process Butterfly Valves – WRAS Approved

ultravalve process butterfly valves

Ultravalve 4504 WRAS approved union ended ball valve (with butterfly handle)

union ended ball valve

Brass Valves and Regulators

process valve ball valves and regulators

Stainless Steel – Carbon Steel and Cast Iron Valves

stainless steel carbon steel and cast iron process valves

Special Executions

special process valve executions

Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatically Actuated Valves

pneumatically actuated process valves

Actuator Accessories

process valves actuator accessories

Electric Actuators

process valves electric actuators

Electrically Actuated Valves

electrically actuated process valves

Knife Gate Valves

knife gate process valves

Other Valves

other process valves

Oil and Gas

process oil and gas valves

DIN Valves Series

Butterfly valves, ball valve, gate valve, stainless steel ball valves, actuated valve

API Valve Series

Butterfly valves, ball valve, gate valve, stainless steel ball valves, actuated valve

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