GEMÜ develops and manufactures components and systems for liquids, vapours and gases. The portfolio of metal and plastic measurement, control and regulation components developed in-house is unrivalled worldwide.

GEMÜ valve designs and instrumentation are used successfully in a variety of applications, such as in the field of water/waste water treatment.

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Product Range / Solutions

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Diaphragm Valves, Stainless Steel, Sterile Applications

gemu diaphragm valves stainless steel sterile applications

Diaphragm Valves, Metal Industry

gemu diaphragm valves metal industry

Diaphragm Valves, Full Bore Metal Industry

gemu diaphragm valves full bore metal industry

Diaphragm Valves Plastic

gemu diaphragm valves plastic

Angle Seat Globe Valves

gemu angle seat globe valves

Globe Valves, Metal

gemu globe valves metal

Control Valves, Plastic & Metal

gemu control valves plastic and metal

Butterfly Valves, Plastic & Metal

gemu butterfly valves plastic and metal

Check Valves, Plastic & Metal

gemu check valves plastic and metal

Solenoid Valves – Plastic & Metal

gemu solenoid valves plastic and metal

Pilot Solenoid Valves, Plastic & Metal

gemu pilot solenoid valves plastic and metal

Pressure Control Valves – Plastic

gemu pressure control valves plastic

Ball Valves, Plastic & Metal

gemu ball valves plastic and mental

Flow Measurement Systems

gemu valves flow measurement systems

Pressure Temperature Display Units & Controllers

gemu pressure temperature display units and controllers

Electrical Position Indicators & Combi Switchbox

gemu electrical position indicatiors and combi switchbox

Pneumatic Actuators

gemu pneumatic actuators

Motorized Actuators

gemu motorized actuators

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