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New Generation Pipe Descaler

The descaler is a low-voltage electro-magnetic device that alleviates the problem of the precipitation of calcium-carbonate salts in the water.
The equipment is composed of a feed and a descaler, including a diamagnetic pipe where the water to be treated is made to flow. A number of coils connected in pairs and acting in counter-phase are wound around the pipe so that the signal generated by the transformer is amplified and received correctly.
The electromagnetic fields generated by the coils with a frequency of 0.5 to 5 MHz produce radio waves whose electric fields change at the frequency of the magnetic fields.
The descaling effect of this system basically depends on electric fields. The water contains calcium-carbonate colloids that grow rapidly at the same time as bicarbonate ions decompose and attach to the inner walls of the pipe in the form of crystallisation germs of rhombohedral calcite. These are compact and extremely adhesive and over the time they assume all the characteristics of limescale build-ups.
If however, the water is subject to the electromagnetic fields produced by the coils, the colloidal particles of calcium carbonate remain in suspension although they continue to grow, and they turn into crystalline germs of rhombic aragonite that is amorphous and poorly adhesive. While calcium carbonate is still present in the water (i.e. the chemical composition of water does not change), its crystalline structure is different from calcite and also its adhesive properties are different.
The flowing movement of the water easily removes the crystallisation germs as soon as they arise, starting from the primitive suspended particles. If the water remain motionless and temperature is sufficiently high, they can generate a thin layer of aragonite, which however is brittle and easy to remove.


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The descaler prevents scale from building up without affecting the chemical composition of water and is very cost effective.
The main features of the descaler are as follows:
It prevents scale build-up even at very high working temperatures
It maintains descaling properties for a long time (up to 25 days)
It is effective even at some distance from the treating unit
It eliminates the need for resins, chemical additives and other systems
It gradually removes scale deposits from pipe
It saves energy proportionally to the amount of scale prevented or removed from hot-water systems of any kind
It reduces the consumption of surface-active products and softeners
It helps to preserve water purity and avoids bacteria proliferation on resins and limescale deposits
It reduces maintenance and working costs due to scale build-up and pipe corrosion.


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